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Jeff Carnie and Spectrum on the road!


What an awesome experience Spectrum had fellowshipping with “Family Community Church” on Sunday, July 7th. From the moment our members began to arrive at the church, we were greeted with affection; some arrived as early as 6:45.  We were greeted at the door and taken to the sanctuary and introduced to the individual that would help us prepare for the morning services. Although everyone we met was extremely pleasant, one individual stood out, Randy Ward! His personality was so infectious that no one felt like a stranger in his presence. You sensed immediately that he had a “servant’s” heart and his sole purpose was to ensure that our entire group felt welcome. He exceeded himself, we felt as if we were with family and friends. His antics were hilarious; his love for serving others was evident, but even more apparent was his love for the Lord.

As Spectrum begin to prepare for leading the services by first having prayer, it’s accurate to say that there was a feeling among our group that we were going to have a spirit filled day, and that we had! When God is evident in the lives of His people in little things, (from greetings at the door to the sermon) God shows up! From the first word spoken, the first note sung, till the last spoken word, God dwelt amongst His people. I, Jeff Carnie speak on behalf of all the members of Spectrum when I say it was a privilege and honor to have worshiped with such gracious, humble, and blessed church family. I intentionally used the adjective “humble” in describing Family Community Church of Fresno, because it precisely describes the culture of this congregation. Everyone we encountered was warm and kind! It’s not surprising however, because when I was introduced to the Senior Pastor, my first impression was what a humble man. As Randy was giving me instructions on the flow of the services, the pastor waited patiently until he was formally introduced. It was clear he valued the/his team, and he viewed himself as an equal participant with a different calling. Ministry at its “best.”

God Has Our Backs!

On July 10th, Spectrum completed their first video shoot taken by Ryan Black Films. Several months before the scheduled filming, Ryan and I met and collaborated on the concept for the song, “Come Down.” A month before our scheduled filming, Ryan contacted me to say he had found the perfect shoot location. As the date neared I was excited for several reasons; this was my first video, and an agreement had already been secured with “West Coast Praize,” a subsidiary of WB (Warner Brothers), to air the “Come Down” video. From a marketing perspective, “if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”

The day of the video shoot things were going smoothly until a security ranger informed us that the location we had selected was unauthorized. Ryan explained he had gotten authorization; the ranger expressed his apologies but said we were given inaccurate information. He then suggested another place for the filming, about five minutes away. All I can say is, “God is in the details”! The relocation was a much better site both safety wise, and visually. The original spot had an extremely steep decline which had to be navigated for the filming. We cringed at transporting our equipment down that slope.

Praise God for having our backs!

Spirit Festival

God bumps!     

On Sunday, August 31st Spectrum participated in an event, “Spirit Festival” held to serve the city of Stockton. The entire event was free to the public, food, music, health information, clothes, and more. I can’t help but believe this is exactly what Jesus meant when He commanded that we take the gospel everywhere. To look around and see homeless individuals, unbelievers, and believers alike praising our Lord and Savior together. A slice of heaven, when all God’s people can come together as one with no respect of persons.

The name of the event, “Spirit Festival” was fitting for the occasion. The spirit of God was evident as each group on the program led the festival goers in worship. By the time Spectrum took to the stage, the Holy Spirit was having its way in the crowd. With raised hands, dancing, laughing, and even crying, God’s people were showering Him with their uninhibited praise. What a joyous sight! As you are all aware from personal experience, it doesn’t take much to get our group going. With that being said, you can only imagine the worship we had that day. It was off the hook. We all left the stage with God bumps!